About us


Mysticism around chocolate was burning our curiosity and we wanted to create something unique something new. That’s how KakasBonbon was born.


We are searching for special flavours and spices which we try to lock into small “chocolate houses” in the largest possible concentration so that they next emerge at the time of tasting. We don’t use any additives in our workshop (preservatives, added sugar, etc.) only natural raw materials. Our chocolate is of the classic handmade chocolate type which is manufactured manually from melting through tempering to wrapping.

Our manufacture produces the following products:



Bars of chocolate with filling



Lollipops made of chocolate

Figures - coins for events

Tables, coins with unique logos – graphics


Our main specialties are candies and flavoured mini tables ”tuned” to (the flavour, smell and secrecy of ) wines and distilled alcohol products which open a new dimension in the world of wine-tasting.

The products of KAKASBONBON represent high quality and suite the dessert choice of top gastronomy well.